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28th may, 2012.

Gifts for awareness

Tattoo ManThese days you can basically stamp anything with your company logo and call it a promotional item. But the question you need to ask is what is the right promotional item for your business?

Like any other part of you marketing, strategy is important. We cannot stress this enough!

Promotional items are the unsung hero of brand awareness. They can be great in creating awareness of your brand, prompting top-of-mind brand recognition and creating buzz, but you need to make sure that your promotional items don’t get stored in the draw.

Consider your target market. Who they are, what do they do, what will be of use to them?

Consider the unique features of your business. What can you offer your target market that no one else can?

Don’t limit yourself to the traditional promotional items. The opportunities are endless so use your imagination and think strategically. 

If you need assistance with your promotional items, WISDOM uses and recommends Brand Alive to advise, source and supply promotional items.

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