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22nd july, 2015.

Do you have a Hipster Logo?

Have you noticed a trend with logo design lately? It seems like hipster is the new black!

We’ve noticed some design elements that are popular in fashion becoming more and more common in logo designs for organisations.

And that is something to be very careful about.

You want to make sure that your logo is distinct and a representation of your business and brand. And if you start to look similar to the current fashion trend, then you run the risk of blending in rather than standing out.

Fashion trends are short lived and become outdated with each season, so you may start to feel like the bright and sparkly logo you had last Spring is starting to look a little tired come Autumn.

At Wisdom we use a number of our designers when working on logo concepts. This ensures a mix of perspectives and styles, and after careful consideration from your account director we will present you with options that align with your brand and stand the test of time.

You’ll thank yourself for investing in a logo that is a unique, strong representation for your business which has had clear strategy behind it, crafted by a team of professionals.