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28th march, 2012.


In honour of WISDOM’s recent 21st Birthday, we thought we would share some of our wisdom with you. 

Over the 21 years as a business we have seen many changes in the industry and evolved with time. So you can be assured that here at WISDOM we are up to date with all existing and potential trends and are in the best position to give you the Marketing advice you need. So here goes…

1. Combine the right ingredients for success 

2. Integration = key. Strategically select media forms to attract your target market

3. Know your BRAND

4. Know your CUSTOMER 

5. The Social Networking revolution is upon us 

6. Consistency in your brand = a MUST!

7. Get Creative

8. Learn from your mistakes

9. Use fresh eyes

10. Get online – Content must be 100% correct 100% of the time

11. Understand consumer behaviour

12. Track behaviours & results

13. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty – Get right into your brand – Learn it, Live it, Love it

14. Establish a strong corporate identity

15. Generate interest & traffic

16. Understand the key benefits you provide your clients

17. Move forward with industry developments 

18. Don’t be afraid to try something new – think outside your industry box

19. Evolve or face extinction

20. Understand what makes YOU UNIQUE 

21. Don’t go past WISDOM – 21 years of expertise, creative knowledge and wisdom!