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5th september, 2011.

Evolve or Face Extinction

Contrary to what you might think, logos and brand identities have shelf lives, and need either a slight evolution or a complete new look, to gauge interest with an evolving demographic. Re-brands pop up every week, with companies  updating their corporate identity, to keep their targeted audience interested. A Brand Rebirth will reinvigorate your consumers, showing them you are still quite relevant. However, this MUST be created from strategic grass roots, ensuring your Brand is desirable against your competitors.

And don't forget your online presence... look at what happened to Angus & Robertson. Dead as the Dodo! If your online presence is lacking, dated or not capitising on recent technologies, your consumers may loose faith in your brand, and go straight to your competitors... literally the next in the Google listing. Your website is a valuable marketing tool and must evolve with recent technologies including online catalogs, ecommerce, interactive online campaigns, mobile device marketing and social network integration.

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