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5th may, 2011.

Flaunt Your Figures

It's almost that time of the year again... Annual Report Time!!! Your accountants will soon be busy putting the figures together. Your board members will be writing about the events of the year just passed. Then there is you, the co-ordinator of the whole project, often feeling like circus act, juggling all the pieces in time for the final curtain call... the AGM!

In WISDOM'S 21 years of experience, we are Annual Report experts and have devised a helpful list of tips that may assist you in your preparations:

1. Make your annual report compelling instead of boring. Organise it like a magazine or develop a theme.

2. Layout the financials so they are clear and easy to read or embed your financials exactly as per your accountants copy.

3. Make the message from your CEO a must-read instead of a "ho-hum." It is not an "add-on." Make it an organic part of the report.

4. Develop a schedule, a timeline that will be your blueprint for a successful delivery date.

5. Refresh your corporate portraits every year, with a different style of photography from the last.

6. Distributed to all you shareholders and important contacts within your industry, using your Annual Report as an advertising tool to tell everybody what your company has been doing in the past twelve months, as well as an informative brochure of your services.

7. Your Annual Report is probably the largest document you will have produced during the year, so why not use an environmentally friendly version of distribution this year. Send a request for a pdf Annual Report in your next eNewsletter, or a link in an eNewsletter to an online flip book. Alternatively, use 100% recycled paper for printing and reduce your carbon footprint.

The Annual Report is a critical document for any organisation. Speak to WISDOM and be confident in knowing your Annual Report will be a great success.

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