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4th september, 2009.

Winning Photography

WISDOM is a full service agency, which means we can assist with all facets of marketing, including photography. Unlike a business that specialises solely in Photography, WISDOM will be working with you on a number of projects, with the photography being only part of the project. This translates to minimised fees. With the photographer also having insight into the end design, time is saved, meaning less inconvenience for you.

Whether you update your corporate photography every year, in time with your Annual Report, or simply feature head shots on your website, you may not realised the benefits of having professional portraits of your staff. Did you know you may also use corporate photography for:

  • Company Profile
  • Proposals
  • Annual Report
  • Website
  • Email signatures
  • Employ of the Month (Why not!!!!!)
  • Tender Documents
  • Business Card portraits
  • Board of Directors
  • Brochures
  • In office framed portraits

With WISDOM, updating your corporate photography is an easy process. Call us today to discuss a shoot!

Have a look at WISDOM's extensive photo gallery.